Dr Sacha Howell would like to understand if breast cancers arising due to alterations in the BRCA1 gene could be prevented by using an existing drug in a new context.

Professor Sara Zanivan wants to find new therapies that could stop people dying from breast cancer, by investigating how non-cancer cells can help triple negative breast cancer grow and survive.

Dr Kastytis Sidlauskas, Prof Louise Jones and Prof Nasir Rajpoot are using artificial intelligence to develop a better way to know how likely DCIS is to become invasive breast cancer. It could mean that some people can safely avoid treatment and its side effects.

Dr Crescens Tiu is developing treatments that can overcome breast cancer’s ability to hide from the immune system. This could lead to more effective ways to treat breast cancer.

Dr Adam Brentnall hopes to find a better way to identify who has a higher risk of developing breast cancer and the type of breast cancer they may develop.

Professor Leonie Young is working to determine whether some secondary breast cancers that have spread to the brain could be treated with drugs called PARP inhibitors. She hopes that more people could benefit from this type of treatment.