Professor Ester Hammond is studying how changing oxygen levels in triple negative breast cancer can make the disease more aggressive and likely to spread. 

Dr Thomas A Hughes is testing an additional treatment that could make chemotherapy more effective. This could stop breast cancer from coming back and spreading and help save lives.

Professor Michael Dixon is researching how to identify and better treat oestrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancers that don’t respond to hormone therapy.  

Dr Hamid Ali is using state of the art technology to better understand how immune system cells interact with breast cancer cells. The hope is that this will reveal who would benefit most from having immunotherapy. 

Dr Sacha Howell would like to understand if breast cancers arising due to alterations in the BRCA1 gene could be prevented by using an existing drug in a new context.

Professor Sara Zanivan wants to find new therapies that could stop people dying from breast cancer, by investigating how non-cancer cells can help triple negative breast cancer grow and survive.