Professor Chris Twelves and colleagues are testing in the lab whether intelligently timing a drug palbociclib and chemotherapy can make the combination more effective. If successful, this approach will be tested in clinical trials for breast cancer.

Dr Bruno Costa-Silva is investigating if a drug bosutinib, already used to treat myeloid leukaemia, could prevent breast cancer from spreading to the lung and be used as a treatment for breast cancer.

Professor Nicholas Turner is testing if combining a drug palbociclib together with the immunotherapy drug avelumab is safe and could be used to successfully treat a sub-type of triple negative breast cancer.

Dr Rachael Natrajan and her team are investigating whether triple negative breast cancer patients could benefit from the CDK4/6 inhibitor drug palbociclib. They want to find ways to predict which groups of patients could benefit from this drug and whose cancer might develop resistance to it.

Professor Pascal Meier is investigating new ways to improve treatment for triple negative breast cancer. He is looking for new combinations of treatment that work together to use the body’s ability to kill breast cancer cells.

Professor Claire Lewis and her team are studying how the immune system can be used to destroy triple negative breast cancer. They are investigating whether a new combination of drugs, including avelumab, can boost the immune system’s response to a tumour.