Professor Bryan Hennessy, Dr Alex Eustace and colleagues are studying a drug gedatolisib, to understand which breast cancers are most susceptible to this treatment. Ultimately their research could improve the chances of survival for people with breast cancer.

New ways to treat breast cancer that has spread to the bones are urgently needed. Professor Ingunn Holen is investigating the effect of the drug palbociclib on the spread of breast cancer to bone. She aims to find new treatment combinations to improve options available for patients.  

Dr Seth Coffelt wants to see how a type of immune cell, called gamma delta T cell, works and whether it could be used to treat triple negative breast cancer.

Dr Leo Carlin, along with Dr Seth Coffelt and Dr Frederic Fercoq, wants to understand how breast cancer cells manipulate the immune systemin the lung. He is hoping to use the results of this research to improve immunotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

Professor Awen Gallimore hopes to target two types of cells inside breast tumours that can stop the immune system from effectively destroying breast cancer cells. This approach could lead to a new immunotherapy to treat breast cancer.

Professor Kristijan Ramadan is hoping to understand why some breast cancers become resistant to a breast cancer treatment called PARP inhibitors, and is looking for new ways to overcome this resistance.