Professor Nicholas Turner is testing if combining a drug palbociclib together with the immunotherapy drug avelumab is safe and could be used to successfully treat a sub-type of triple negative breast cancer.

Professor Seth Coffelt wants to see how a type of immune cell, called gamma delta T cell, works and whether it could be used to treat triple negative breast cancer.

Professor Awen Gallimore hopes to target two types of cells inside breast tumours that can stop the immune system from effectively destroying breast cancer cells. This approach could lead to a new immunotherapy to treat breast cancer.

Breast cancer stem cells are thought to be responsible for some breast cancers developing resistance to treatment, and may cause breast cancer to spread. Dr Paloma Garcia wants to find out more about how we can target these cells to stop breast cancer spreading.

Miss Karina Cox is investigating whether a special ultrasound method can help specialists find out if breast cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in the armpit.

Dr Jason Carroll is investigating what role the gene ARID1A plays in breast cancer spreading around the body. He also aims to understand if a class of drugs called BET inhibitors could be used to treat secondary breast cancer that has changes in this gene.