Dr Niamh Buckley is working to develop a treatment for triple negative breast cancer, using technology similar to that used in the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr Timothy Humphrey is studying DNA modifications present in breast cancers, which could play a role in helping tumours to grow. His work could lead to new ways of treating breast cancers and ultimately save lives. 

Dr Ross Chapman is investigating the potential of drugs called PLK inhibitors to treat breast cancer with a genetic change that is found in around 10% of cases.

Dr Nick Orr is working to understand how some genetic changes linked to an increased risk of breast cancer in men and women, may cause the disease. This could help us develop new ways to prevent and treat breast cancer.

Breast cancer can trick nearby immune system cells to help the disease to grow, spread and resist treatment. Dr Ali Roghanian aims to understand how breast cancer cells communicate with these immune cells and how we can stop this.

Professor Ester Hammond is studying how changing oxygen levels in triple negative breast cancer can make the disease more aggressive and likely to spread.