Find out about the research we fund at King’s College London, which includes a Research Unit devoted to triple negative breast cancer.



The Breast Cancer Now Research Unit at King's College London, led by Professor Andrew Tutt, is located in Guy’s Hospital, south London. The scientists at the Research Unit are trying to understand more about triple negative breast cancer, an aggressive type of the disease, and find treatments to combat it.

There have been great improvements in breast cancer treatment in the past few decades which means that most patients can expect to survive for many years. However, patients with triple negative breast cancer have fewer treatment options.

Professor Tutt is a world leader in the field of triple negative breast cancer. He has played a vital role in several clinical trials into new treatments and has also helped run an international conference on the subject. This means he is not only making breakthroughs of his own, but he is also at the heart of developments internationally. Professor Tutt is also a consultant oncologist, treating patients every day. This gives him the drive and determination to ensure that his work meets the needs of those patients.

The King’s College London Research Unit is made up of 16 researchers split into four groups, led by Professors Andrew Tutt, Tony Ng, Sophia Karagiannis, and Dr Anita Grigoriadis.

Andrew and Anita are studying the biological characteristics of triple negative breast tumours to try to identify differences that set these cancers apart from other types, to help guide the development of targeted treatments.

Tony's group is focused on understanding the role of immune cells in triple negative breast cancer and is using imaging techniques to look at how cells of the immune system infiltrate the tumour and how this contributes to the growth and spread of triple negative breast cancer.

Sophia aims to use scientific advances made by Andrew and Tony's teams to develop new treatments to specifically target triple negative breast cancer cells.

The Research Unit opened in February 2009. It was recently reviewed by an independent group of experts which judged the quality of work undertaken as being of the highest international calibre.

Our research projects at King's College London Research Unit

Triple negative breast cancer target and biomarker identification

Antibody therapy and biomarker discovery team

Triple negative breast cancer tumour immune stromal interface

Other research taking place at King's College London

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