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Terms and conditions

By taking on an 'Own Place' event for Breast Cancer Now, I agree that:


  • I will inform the Breast Cancer Now Challenge Events Team immediately if I am unable to take part in the event (and, where permitted, take all necessary steps to transfer my place to another person who wishes to take part in support of Breast Cancer Now)
  • I understand that this event is organised by the event organiser who is solely responsible for the conduct and operation of the event, including all health and safety requirements. Please see the event organiser’s terms and conditions, or contact the event organiser directly for more information about the event and the potential risks involved
  • Breast Cancer Now is not responsible for the event and accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to your participation in it

Donations and payment terms

  • I will send all outstanding sponsorship money to Breast Cancer Now by 4 weeks after the event
  • I will endeavour to raise as much as possible for Breast Cancer Now and will regularly pay all money collected to the charity by:
  1. Using a fundraising website such as or
  2. Paying online with my debit or credit card
  3. Using the money return form provided to send cheques made payable to “Breast Cancer Now” to Breast Cancer Now, Fifth Floor, Ibex House, 42-47 Minories, London, EC3N 1DY
  4. Calling the Supporter Engagement Team on 0333 20 70 300 to pay over the phone with my credit or debit card details

Fundraising activities

  • I will comply with any fundraising guidance or advice issued by Breast Cancer Now
  • I will use Breast Cancer Now’s fundraising materials to fundraise for this event and will return any unused materials on completion of the event
  • I will only use lawful means to fundraise and will not do anything that is likely to harm BCN’s reputation
  • I will make donors aware of what happens to their donations if I fail to complete the event
  • I will abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice issued by the Fundraising Regulator

Personal data and images

  • I give permission for the free use of my first name, picture, image, feedback and comments in any future publicity, advertising, fundraising materials and/or promotion conducted by Breast Cancer Now
  • I give permission for my personal information to be processed by Breast Cancer Now in connection with the organisation, promotion and administration of the event and passed on to the event organisers as required and in accordance with the preferences stated on my registration form


  • I confirm that I will be at least 18 years old on the date of the event and I hereby accept these terms and conditions.

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