Trodelvy is an exciting new drug that could give certain women living with incurable triple negative secondary breast cancer the hope of more time. More time to enjoy with loved ones and to do things that matter most to them.

Trodevly has already been approved in Scotland, but was provisionally rejected for use on the NHS in England  in April. In response, we launched an open letter, calling on  pharmaceutical company, Gilead, NICE and NHS England to find a solution to make Trodelvy available to the women who need it. 

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Our open letter was signed by 114,366 people. We want to say a massive thank you to everybody who added their name and helped us send the strongest message possible that this drug needs to be made routinely available on the NHS..

We hope to hear a final decision on whether NICE has approved Trodelvy for routine use on the NHS towards the end of June. To find out about the outcome of the campaign and keep up to date with our other work, please sign up for campaign updates below

'I want other women to be able to have the same chance to benefit from Trodelvy. This drug gives me hope of more time and doing things that matter most to me, like walking my dog and spending time with my family. It’s absolutely vital that others get the same opportunity and that Trodelvy is now made available on the NHS.’

Nicola Tracey

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