Today (10 September 2021), Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive at Breast Cancer Now, sent the below letter to Bob Roosjen, Interim Vice President and General Manager at Gilead UK & Ireland. Please sign the petition.

Dear Mr Roosjen,

The drug Trodelvy, now made by your company Gilead, could give women living with triple negative incurable secondary breast cancer precious extra months to live.

But now that the drug is licensed, we are extremely concerned that every day that goes by without Gilead reaching an agreement with NHS England to provide the drug free-of-charge to all eligible patients ahead of a NICE decision, is another day denying patients something they desperately want and need - more time with their loved ones.

We know it doesn’t have to be this way. Trodelvy’s licensing through the Project Orbis scheme, comes after that of two other cancer drugs which have been made immediately available to patients following licensing via an interim access scheme agreed by the drug companies and NHS England.

As you have not followed this process and agreed an interim access arrangement with NHS England, it now means women who already face short prognoses and limited treatment options could face an agonising wait of up to eight months to access Trodelvy. A wait which will be too long for some patients.

Whilst we know Gilead will be introducing a pre-reimbursement access scheme for Trodelvy,.it is absolutely devastating that this scheme will be limited in numbers and not be able to.guarantee that all women who need this drug will be able to receive it. We simply cannot have a situation over the coming months where access to Trodelvy is left to an unfair and arbitrary system of 'first come, first served' or only available to those who can afford to pay for it privately.

More than 195,000 people have already signed our petition calling on Gilead to do the right thing and only last week representatives from Gilead heard directly from patients about what access to Trodelvy could mean for them.

Mr Roosjen, we know your company cares about patients too and one of your core values is ‘Integrity – Doing What’s Right’. But the clock is ticking. Please do the right thing for breast cancer patients and provide Trodelvy free-of-charge on the NHS until a NICE decision about its routine use on the NHS. Give these women more time to live.

Yours sincerely,

Delyth Morgan
Chief Executive, Breast Cancer Now


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