Chantele is one of around 35,000 women in the UK living with secondary breast cancer

Chantele had to explain to her two children that she has incurable secondary breast cancer. However, she is still here with them because of Kadcyla, a life-extending secondary breast cancer drug. Kadycla has incredibly reduced all her tumours, the ones in her lymph nodes, neck and chest completely, and the one in her lung to the size of a pinprick, giving Chantele more time to spend with her two children. With the help of Breast Cancer Now’s campaigning work last year, it can now extend the lives of thousands of other women too.

Our campaigning

Over the last year our campaigning work meant that several breast cancer drugs, including Kadcyla, have been made available on the NHS in the UK.  

It’s because of landmark decisions like this that we know our campaigning works – and is benefitting mums like Chantele.

“Breast Cancer Now is working tirelessly to make sure that new drugs are being researched, developed and tested. But they also give patients like me a voice with government and hope for the future. Thanks to their incredible campaigning work, drugs like Kadcyla can now extend the lives of thousands of other women too,” says Chantele.

Join us so we can continue campaigning to help give breast cancer patients a voice – and make life-extending drugs available to those who so desperately need them. 

Walk your way

Not everybody’s breast cancer works the same.

Thanks to Breast Cancer Now’s campaign work, innovative drugs like Kadcyla are giving women with incurable breast cancer precious extra time with their families – but sadly we know that these drugs won’t keep working forever.

With over 20 different types of breast cancer, a drug that works for someone like Chantele today, might not work tomorrow – and it might not work at all for someone else. With your support, we can campaign for even better drugs and treatments to become available, paving the way to 2050 when we believe that everyone who develops breast cancer will live.

Walk for everyone affected by breast cancer, your way. Bring together friends and family and enjoy your own sponsored walk, wherever you choose to do it.

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