Will you take on the £1,000 Challenge?

The £1,000 Challenge is simple and exactly what it sounds like! Challenging yourself to raise £1,000, and helping to make a difference to our world-class, life-saving breast cancer research.

How you fundraise £1,000 is completely up to you. Why not get active by taking on a sponsored challenge, or get social and organise a bake sale or ball?

Reach your target by October, we’ll send you an exclusive pin badge for your amazing achievement. Wear it with pride, knowing the money you raise could help make our next life-saving breakthrough possible.

Take on the £1,000 Challenge

Fundraising £1,000 is easier than you think!

Pinder, a 1000 challenge participant wearing a party hat and celebrating

Pinder's story

Pinder, who received a primary breast cancer diagnosis, walked 100km to fundraise for her £1,000 Challenge.


Pinder's £1,000 Challenge

Nancy, wearing a cycle helmet and a yellow top, smiling taking a selfie with a vast idyllic countryside view behind her

Nancy's story

Nancy fundraised more than £1,700 by cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats.


Nancy's £1,000 Challenge

Janet smiling into the camera

Janet's story

Janet fundraised over £2,600 by staging a personalised event called ‘JanFest’.


Janet's £1,000 Challenge

Setting yourself up for success

Planning your £1,000 Challenge

Not sure where to start? Read our top fundraising ideas to help you plan the perfect £1,000 Challenge fundraiser. 


Read our fundraising ideas

Your £1,000 Challenge downloads

Need a game or two for a fundraiser? Or maybe some decorations to make at home? We have just what you need, ready to download.

£1,000 Challenge downloads

Set-up your JustGiving online fundraising page

JustGiving allows you to create your own online fundraising page, where your friends, family or colleagues can donate by credit or debit card.


Set up your JustGiving page

A female researcher working at the Institute of Cancer Research. She has brown skin and long dark hair tied back in a ponytail. She is working at a computer.

The difference you're making

The money you raise by signing up to the £1,000 Challenge will directly support our world-class and life-saving breast cancer research. You will be helping to:

  • Fund our project to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy 
  • Support cutting-edge research into the role of the inner clock in breast cancer 
  • Fund research into understanding the role of changing oxygen levels in triple negative breast cancer 

Raise money for breast cancer research

Together, we can create a world where everyone diagnosed with breast cancer not only lives, but lives well. Raise £1,000 and help make life saving research happen.

Take on the £1,000 Challenge

Get in touch

If you would like to ask a question about the £1,000 Challenge, please email 1000challenge@breastcancernow.org

or call 0207 025 2425.

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