You could achieve your £1,000 target through just one big event, or take your time and reach this fantastic amount after several activities.

Why take part?

It’s thanks to our first pioneering £1,000 Challengers that we were able to open the UK’s first dedicated breast cancer research centre back in 1999. The Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre has become a global leader in breast cancer research and continues to find answers to the toughest questions facing us today, with the help of our £1,000 challengers.

If you register for the challenge and raise your target then you will get the opportunity to dedicate a name on our Challengers Wall, which is displayed at the research centre. You’ll also be invited to our next unveiling event.

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What our challengers say

Following my mum's double mastectomy, we realised how difficult it was to find clothes on the high street that women can wear comfortably post-surgery. This is where my idea for holding a fundraising fashion show came from. I also wanted to challenge people's perceptions about women who have had breast cancer and highlight their incredible bravery and beauty; at this stage I asked my mum and three other women from my area to be models in the fashion show. As a £1,000 challenger, I was nervous about reaching this target. But with the generosity of so many people we surpassed it!

Hannah, £1,000 Challenger

Ideas to reach your £1,000

You can raise the money any way you like – you can take part in one or two big events or lots of small ones. From coffee mornings to quiz nights, cake sales to climbing Kilimanjaro, it’s completely up to you what you do and when you do it.

You set your own deadlines to raise £1,000 and the money you raise supports our secondary breast cancer research. This means every cake you bake, run you take and Zumba marathon you make will help give people more time with their loved ones.

Need inspiration? Learn more about fundraising ideas and tips to help you reach your target.

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If you would like to ask a question about being a £1,000 Challenger, please email or call 020 725 2402.

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