The best part of fundraising? It’s all up to you. From month-long sponsored yoga challenges to climbing up as many stairs as you can, the world really is your oyster when you’re raising money for us.

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All you need to do is think up something that could work and give it a go. And don’t forget – anything you raise will go on to help our world-class breast cancer research and life-changing care.

Top tips on hitting your target

  • Choose your challenge - try something new or play to your strengths. Start by picking your timeframe - will your challenge take place over a whole month, or just a day? Then choose a clear target like distance covered, stairs climbed or how often you do your activity. 
  • Set up your JustGiving page - JustGiving makes collecting donations easy, and the money comes straight to Breast Cancer Now too so you don't even have to worry about paying it in! Create your page, then set yourself a fundraising target and you'll be on your way. 
  • Shout about it - don't be afraid to share your page far and wide! Your social media accounts are a good place to start - just remember to tell everyone why you're fundraising to inspire your followers to sponsor you. You could even include your JustGiving link in your email signature too.
  • Boosting your fundraising - doing extra challenges can help you to raise even more. Up the stakes and say that if you reach a certain target, you'll do your challenge in fancy dress or let them fine you if you break it! You could make a Spotify playlist and get your supporters to donate to add songs. Or you could even ask supporters to take part in our pink sweepstake for a suggested donation. 
  • Ready, Set, Go! - if you're tracking your distance, apps like Strava are a great way to keep track of your progress. Keep sharing your photos, videos and JustGiving page to help boost the funds your raise. And make sure to let us know how it’s all going – we always like to hear how you're getting on, and we’d love to say thank you at the end too!

Before you get started

Make sure to read the legal information on fundraisers, it contains lots of important information you’ll need to know before you set out on making your event a reality.

And don’t forget to keep up with the latest government guidelines on COVID-19. Always make sure that your plans keep within the latest rules.

Remember you can always get in touch with us at if you want to talk about your plans. 

Got a plan in place or looking for more inspiration? Request our fundraising pack today to get started!

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