Livestreaming is a really simple way to boost your event. It’s quick and easy to set up, and all you need is yourself and a device with a camera.

Livestream your event

Livestreaming tips

Get things set up and have everyone watch along as your event takes place.

  • Your JustGiving page – before you start, make sure you read this and create a JustGiving page for your event.  Tell people your story on there and why you’re raising money for Breast Cancer Now. The more you share about why you’re raising money, the more people are likely to give.
  • Share your page – link your page on your social media and tell everyone a little about what you’re doing. Don’t forget to include that all important date and time of the livestream, and make sure to remind everyone near the time!
  • Setting up the stream – YouTube is the best choice for this because you can link it through to your JustGiving page. Just click here to head to YouTube, and follow the instructions  to set up your livestream in advance.
  • On the big day – sign into your fundraising page and click ‘change cover’ on your cover image. Under the ‘add Livestream/video section’, choose YouTube and then paste in the video ID. Hit save and you’re ready to go! Just give your page a quick check to make sure it’s all ready.
  • Get streaming – start up your stream and your event has begun! Don’t be afraid to ask people to donate as you go – it’s a great way to boost the money you raise. A livestream is also the perfect place to talk to people about why you’re doing this and why you chose to raise money for Breast Cancer Now. Tell everyone what this means to you and your own, personal reasons for fundraising – don’t be shy!

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