Kerry started fundraising to support breast cancer research after her good friend, Julie, was diagnosed with the disease for the second time in 2006. Read more about how she has continued to raise thousands to support our work.

My fundraising journey

"Not long after our friend, Julie Mortimer, was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, I started raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I threw my energies into organising a Crocus Walk in April 2006; a fundraising event that allowed all of us who knew or were related to Julie, along with many others, to channel ourselves into something positive.

"We raised £3,500 and due to its success I organised another walk for the following year."

Julie’s story

"Unfortunately Julie lost her fight against cancer on 10 December 2010. To honour her memory and to help everyone who knew Julie deal with her passing (even though I had also recently lost my father) and bolstered by a beautiful letter from Julie (which I carry with me at all times) I threw myself into organising what was to become 'Julie's Year'.

"2011 saw two walks, two performances at our local theatre and many other events aimed at not only raising funds but boosting awareness. I was invited to speak at an event in 2011 of that year explaining to other fundraisers how I went about encouraging our local community to get behind the charity.

"By the end of 2011 I had raised a total of £22,500 to add to an amount of £26,000 already achieved since that first Crocus Walk in 2006.

"My example encouraged my two cousins and some of their friends to organise a Pink Party in May 2010 during which I made a speech citing Julie as my inspiration.

"Since then I have not relaxed my efforts. In 2012 there was the annual walk, numerous evenings of entertainment, many local businesses hosting fund raising days that I have organised and my own trek along the Great Wall of China – this alone raising £6,000.

"I also went to Parliament to lobby its members. This has led to support from our local MP and local GP surgeries to promoting the TLC (Touch Look Check) breast awareness campaign.

"At the end of 2013, after submitting an application to be Charity of the Year with the KM Charity, Breakthrough Breast Cancer in Deal were chosen to be the East Kent Mercury Charity of the Year. We had at least two amazing events a month with some great coverage from the paper and in this year I hit a huge milestone of raising £100,000.

"This was achieved in the October, just before I went on another charity trek; this one was to the incredible Machu Picchu in Peru. All of the above has been achieved whilst working a full time job plus running a small family rentals business.

"I am a Voluntary Ambassador for Breast Cancer Now and am often invited by local businesses to talk about my voluntary fund raising. I have also talked in local schools and further afield to educate our youngsters in the importance of regularly checking themselves and to being 'breast aware'.

"I am very proud to continue Julie’s legacy with Breast Cancer Now."

Now is good

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