Mary is 51 years old, married with three children, and she has secondary breast cancer.

That’s the name given to breast cancer that has spread from the breast to other parts of the body and becomes incurable. Of the 11,500 deaths caused by breast cancer in the UK each year, nearly all of them are from secondary breast cancer.

We believe, with your help, research will make sure there comes a day when no one will have to fear their future with breast cancer.

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Breast cancer has turned Mary’s life upside down, but your help today could set things right for women diagnosed tomorrow.

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Mary was diagnosed in 2007 after finding a lump in her right breast. As a personal trainer at the peak of her fitness, she was in complete shock.

She went through a mastectomy, lymph node removal, and months of chemotherapy. Throughout the gruelling treatments she could only think of her children – she was determined that her son, Robert, and daughters, Ellie and Lauren, were going to grow up with their mum by their side.

Seven years later the cancer had spread to her chest wall and collarbone area and she was told there was no cure.

While much more is known about breast cancer thanks to charities like Breast Cancer Now, we still don’t know enough yet to stop it taking lives.

For now, Mary’s only option is to take drug after drug to keep the cancer at bay for as long as possible. But with your help, we believe that our research will find ways to stop breast cancer spreading so no one loses their life to it.

Research has the power to stop secondary breast cancer and save lives. Please support Breast Cancer Now’s incredible researchers by donating today.

Our scientists are making discoveries all the time, and many are focused entirely on tackling secondary breast cancer. Dr Cristina Branco is one of them. She’s investigating how breast cancer uses healthy cells to help it spread around the body.

It’s research like this that gives Mary hope for the future. We believe that one day we’ll reach the day when no one dies from breast cancer.

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