Take on a personal challenge or organise an event to celebrate the life of someone special.

Join thousands of our supporters, who fundraise for Breast Cancer Now in memory of a loved one each year.

From running a marathon or selling cakes, to organising an event, we are here to support you, however you choose to raise money in memory of a loved one.

Ways to get involved and pay tribute:

Create a Fund In Memory

A Fund In Memory is a tribute fund for your loved one which you can share with family and friends. Your fund will display all the donations made in their memory.

Find out more about creating a Fund in Memory.

Bereavement support

Cruse Bereavement Care is able to offer support and lend a listening ear when you experience grief, or need support when you lose a loved one. Information for bereaved family and friends can be found on their website: Cruse Bereavement Care.