Second Hope moves to Breast Cancer Now

We’re proud to welcome Second Hope and their supporters to the Breast Cancer Now family.

By coming together, it underlines our commitment to provide the support thousands of people with secondary breast cancer need, fund the research to discover how we can stop breast cancer spreading and treat it more effectively, and campaign to make sure everyone diagnosed with secondary breast cancer gets the treatment and care they so desperately need.

Right now, that couldn’t be more important. In the UK, an estimated 35,000 women and men are living with secondary breast cancer. And at Breast Cancer Now, we want to make sure people with the disease can live life – and live it well for as long as possible.

That’s why every donation to Second Hope through Breast Cancer Now will only be spent on funding research into secondary breast cancer.

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If you have supported Second Hope in the past, we hope that you’ll continue supporting vital research into secondary breast cancer - but we need your permission to keep contacting you.

To keep hearing from Breast Cancer Now about our secondary breast cancer work, please complete the form below. By agreeing to let us stay in touch we’ll be able to keep you updated on how we’re using your support to help people affected by secondary breast cancer.

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If you want your donation or fundraised money to be used specifically for secondary breast cancer, please donate below.

By using these forms, each time you donate or pay in your fundraising, your gifts will be restricted to funding vital research into secondary breast cancer.


Women discussing at a secondary breast cancer event

Making a difference for those with secondary breast cancer

At Breast Cancer Now, we’re here for anyone affected by breast cancer, the whole way through, providing support for today and hope for the future. We’re a trusted friend that you can turn to for life-changing support and information when you need it.  

Our world-class research into secondary breast cancer is looking at how breast cancer spreads through the body, how secondary tumours form and why the body's immune system doesn't attack the breast cancer cells as they spread.

The money raised by Second Hope supporters will go directly to help funding vital research into secondary breast cancer and remains a dedicated way for those who are passionate about specifically funding this important area of breast cancer research to do so. We are so grateful for this generous support.

Julie Phillips, founder of Second Hope

Continuing Second Hope's work

Second Hope was founded by Julie Phillips, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Three years later, she discovered she had secondary breast cancer. Through getting to know other breast cancer patients, Julie became concerned that there was not enough dedicated research into secondary breast cancer and support for people living with it. Determined that this should change, Second Hope was born.

Tragically, Julie died three days before the formal launch of her charity, but her vision for Second Hope has lived on. Run by a dedicated group of volunteers, all funds raised by Second Hope’s supporters have gone solely into funding secondary breast cancer research.

Due to the success and expansion of the charity since 2015, it now requires full-time management. Breast Cancer Now was honoured to be chosen by Second Hope's trustees to manage the charity going forward and preserve Julie’s legacy. 

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Delyth Morgan

Moving on with Second Hope

Our CEO, Delyth Morgan, explains the plan for Second Hope and honouring its legacy.

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Donate here if you want your donation or fundraised money to be used specifically for secondary breast cancer. 

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Any questions?

Read our Q&A to find out more about Second Hope and Breast Cancer Now.

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