To help make sure you are as ready as you can be for your bike ride with Team Now, why not watch our fundraising and training videos?

These videos were made with the help of our cycle guides and past participants and include some great tips to help you have the best possible bike ride.


We know how important it is to train for your event, but don’t just take it from us. Participants from last years' Student London to Paris bike ride have one very important message for you.

Bike set up

When cycling long distances it is vital that you have set up your bike properly to fit you. Not doing so can cause injuries. Take your time to follow the instructions on how to correctly set up your bike in the video and make sure your bike is right for you.

Our lead guide Charlie will talk you through positioning your seat and handlebars to help avoid and injuries and reduce aches and pains whilst cycling.


To ensure you have everything you need for your bike ride, take a look at the equipment video.

In this video Charlie will cover everything you need to bring with you, including inner tubes and helmets which are essential to taking part in the cycle.

Road Safety

While on the ride you may share the road with cars as well as fellow event participants, so you will need to be well practiced at road cycling to ensure you and everyone around you is safe at all times. You will encounter a variety of terrain and need to know how best to tackle these. Knowing how to use your gears properly will help you immensely and make hills much more manageable.

In this video, Charlie focuses on how to ride in a group, through traffic, and how to use your gears on hills for the London to Paris bike ride. It is vital that you practice cycling out on the roads to get used to signalling and dealing with traffic, and Charlie's tips will help you in whatever bike ride you choose to do with Team Now.

Guide tips

Now that you have taken in all the information our guides have told you, your training is going well and you are in the final stages of preparation, our London to Paris guides wanted to give you some final advice to help you have the best bike ride possible.