By fundraising for Breast Cancer Now, I agree to the following terms and conditions.


  1. I confirm that I am over 13. [plus any additional terms re age for particular events]
  2. I will use my best endeavours to raise money for Breast Cancer Now, and not do anything to bring Breast Cancer Now into disrepute.
  3. I acknowledge that I am responsible for organising my fundraising, and Breast Cancer Now cannot accept any liability for losses, costs incurred, damage or injury to me or anyone who participates in my fundraising.
  4. I will ask any venues for a copy of their risk assessment and ensure any required public liability insurance is in place.
  5. I am responsible for food safety at my event including allergy advice and will ensure all food is accurately labelled (please see guidance from The Food Standards Agency for further information).
  6. I agree to obtain all necessary licenses or permissions needed for the Activity. 
  7. I will communicate that my fundraising is described as ‘in aid of’ Breast Cancer Now to ensure it’s clear that Breast Cancer Now is not responsible for my activity or event
  8. I will let those who support my fundraising know that their donations will support all of Breast Cancer Now’s work.  
  9. Donations are not generally refundable, even if the event does not take place.
  10. I agree that any materials provided by Breast Cancer Now for the purpose of my fundraising will only be used for this activity and only for the benefit of Breast Cancer Now.
  11. I will return any specified fundraising materials (e.g. collection buckets, unused pin badges, etc) to Breast Cancer Now as requested.
  12. I will abide by the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Practice.

Collections and raffles

  1. I will obtain and refer to Breast Cancer Now’s collection guidelines if holding a collection.
  2. I will not collect in any public place without first obtaining a collector’s license from the appropriate local authority.
  3. I will not collect on private property (including shops, restaurants, etc) without first obtaining the permission of the owner.
  4. I will not carry out house-to-house collections.
  5. I will obtain and refer to Breast Cancer Now’s raffle guidelines if holding a raffle.

Money handling

  1. I will not leave unsecured cash unattended.
  2. I will count cash in a secure place and, where possible, ensure it’s counted by two unrelated people.
  3. I will not give children aged under 16 overall responsibility for handling money or responsibility for counting collected money.
  4. I will endeavour to pay all monies raised to Breast Cancer Now within 28 days.