Our Insight and Experience Panel help shape and improve our work.

What is the Insight and Experience Panel? 

People affected by breast cancer are at the heart of everything we do. So, we created the Insight and Experience Panel, to make sure that all the work we do reflects this. 

The Panel is made up of people whose lives have been changed by breast cancer, who want to help shape and improve the work we do. 

Whether you’ve been diagnosed, or somebody close to you has, your feedback and involvement will help to ensure we’re acting on the issues most important to those affected by this devastating disease.

Find out why Lin decided to get involved with the Panel. 

What does it involve? 

We will email you once or twice a month asking you to share your views and experiences on whatever we are working on at that time. It could be anything from new campaigns we’re working on, to sharing your views on lifestyle and wellness. You don’t have to comment on every piece of work we do – just let us know if and when you want to get involved. 

Opportunities may come from a range of Breast Cancer Now teams, or external organisations such as the National Cancer Intelligence Network. 

Previous opportunities have included: 

  • Sports England Partnership – Share your views on exercise and physical fitness to help us work with Sports England to encourage more women to take up exercise later in life and reduce their chances of developing breast cancer 
  • Becoming a patient representative – Our Science Strategy Committee - a collection of top scientists with different areas of expertise in breast cancer research - needed a patient representative. So, we asked our Insight and Experience Panel if anybody would like to get involved.
  • Fashion Targets Breast Cancer – Help us to ensure our 2019 campaign will be both high impact and respectful to those going through a breast cancer diagnosis

It may be that you’re only interested in a small handful of the opportunities we send you, but we will make it clear what it is we want from you for each piece of work, so you can pick and choose what you want to involve yourself in.

How does it help?

Read our Insight Panel impact report to find out our recent acheivements. 


If you are interested in joining the Insight and Experience Panel and hearing about opportunities like these, please fill in the form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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