As a Public Health volunteer, you will deliver online and face-to-public health talks on behalf of Breast Cancer Now to raise awareness of our key prevention and early detection messages, championing our work in local communities and workplaces across the UK. 

Public health talks cover important information about breast cancer, including: key facts and figures; breast awareness and the importance of early detection; signs and symptoms; what to do if you find a new or unusual change, what you can do to help reduce your risk and the myths and misconceptions associated with developing the disease.

Delivering talks online allows us to continue delivering our public health messages whilst social distancing restrictions are in place.

What will I be doing?

We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic and motivated to make a real difference. Online Public Health Volunteers will help us achieve our ambition by ensuring the people they speak to:

  • Are aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, so that more people can access treatment and support services as soon as possible.
  • Understand how they can help reduce their risk of breast cancer by adopting healthier lifestyles.

As a confident public speaker, you will have excellent communication skills and have experience of using virtual conferencing platforms to participate in meetings or events.  You’ll be reliable, organised and self-sufficient with a commitment to represent Breast Cancer Now in a professional manner.

For more information on what is required of this role and what we're looking for from a volunteer, please read the Public Health volunteer role profile.