The Someone Like Me service matches people affected by breast cancer to a trained volunteer who has experienced similar situations and concerns.

The volunteer will understand the issues they’re facing – whether it is concerns relating directly to the cancer, its treatment or to the physical or emotional impact on any area of life. This confidential service provides the opportunity for people to talk openly without worrying about the feelings of the person listening and to ask any questions they like. Most of the support is offered by telephone, but some volunteers additionally provide support by email.

What skills and qualities do I need?

  • To understand the importance of boundaries and self care, be non-judgmental and non-directive, and able to show empathy and compassion when supporting someone.
  • To be a good listener, communicator and confident whilst using the telephone.
  • To be willing and able to refer to your own experiences.
  • To receive referrals, take part in training and complete associated admin tasks, you need to be competent using the internet and have access to a laptop or similar device.
  • Able to work within Breast Cancer Now’s policies and guidelines, including respecting client confidentiality, safeguarding, and data protection.
  • Sharing Breast Cancer Now’s commitment to ensuring that the support we provide is inclusive and accessible to people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

We're currently recruiting new Someone Like Me volunteers, with applications closing on 31 January 2024. You can read more about the role and apply here.