Our relationship with our breasts isn’t always straightforward

Any of us can get breast cancer, no matter where we’re from or what size and shape our breasts are. But, almost half of women in the UK don’t check regularly.

Whatever relationship you have with your breasts. It’s important you check them regularly for signs of breast cancer.

Learn the signs of breast cancer

There’s an easy way to remember to check

Touch your breasts
Look for changes
Check with your GP

Have you felt or seen anything unusual? If so, make sure you get checked out by your doctor as soon as possible. If your doctor thinks you need any further testing, they will refer you to a breast clinic to see a specialist.

What to do next

What to expect at appointments

What to expect at appointments

How coronavirus is affecting breast screening

How coronavirus is affecting clinic appointments

Information about breast screening

Information about breast screening

Secondary breast cancer, breast cancer in men, recurrence

Recurrence, secondary breast cancer and breast cancer in men

If you’ve had breast cancer, it’s very common to worry about breast cancer returning (recurrence) or spreading to other parts of your body (secondary breast cancer).

Although incredibly rare, some men do get breast cancer too. Find out more about the signs and symptoms of male breast cancer.

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