Information and support available from Breast Cancer Now

We know some people are worried about coronavirus (Covid-19). Information and support is available below for people affected by breast cancer, including tips on self-isolation and social distancing.

Latest information on coronavirus and breast cancer

Helpline staff

I’ve had breast cancer and I’m worried about the coronavirus (Covid-19). What should I do?

Clinical Nurse Specialist Jane Murphy, answers some common questions about breast cancer and the coronavirus.

Reporting breast cancer symptoms: how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting clinic appointments

Measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and pressures on the NHS mean some breast clinic appointments are not going ahead as planned.


Researchers help ensure best treatment during pandemic

Researchers, including those funded by Breast Cancer Now, help clinicians select the best possible treatment for women with oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer during the coronavirus pandemic.

Scientists at work in research labs

How has coronavirus affected our research?

The coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of our lab-based research on hold. While many labs across the country are closed to protect scientists, staff and the public, our researchers are trying to use the time as best they can.

Read more about how Breast Cancer Now’s research has been affected by COVID-19.

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Support for you

Call our helpline

Call our Helpline

If you have a particular concern about coronavirus and breast cancer or just want to talk, our specialist nurses and trained staff are here for you.

someone like me phone service

Someone Like Me

Talk to someone who’s had or been affected by breast cancer and can offer support, tips or just a listening ear during the coronavirus outbreak.

talk to our nurses

Ask Our Nurses

Simply email any question – big or small – and get a reply from one of our specialist nurses.

Women discussing at a secondary breast cancer event

Women with secondary breast cancer are experiencing significant fears due to coronavirus

Our new survey found that women with incurable breast cancer are experiencing significant fears for their ongoing survival amid delays to treatment, scans and access to trials during the coronavirus outbreak. 

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Looking after your wellbeing

Woman using a colouring book near a window

Keeping your mind and body active

If you don’t have a lot of opportunity to go outside, here are some ideas for keeping yourself active.

Rhianwen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer this year

Coronavirus affected my treatment

Rhianwen was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, her treatment has been affected. Find out how she is coping.


Self-isolation tips

Susan gives her suggestions for coping with self-isolation and social distancing.

We urgently need your support

The coronavirus outbreak represents an unprecedented situation for all of us. It is having a huge impact on the funding needed for us to continue providing the life-changing care and world-class research that people affected by breast cancer need, especially right now.