Breast Cancer Now does not approve or endorse any specific suppliers of wigs, headwear and accessories. However, you may find the following list useful.

  1. Headwear, eyelash and eyebrow suppliers
  2. Wig suppliers
  3. Hair replacement systems
  4. Hair loss support

1. Headwear, eyelash and eyebrow suppliers


A range of affordable handmade, fitted headscarves, headwraps, sleep caps and bandanas.

A wide range of headwraps, Buffs and bandanas to order online or by phone.

Beautiful Bandanas

An online shop offering a range of bandanas in different sizes and styles. They also have sleeping hats and beanies.

Bohemia Fashions Headwear

Fitted headscarves, bandanas, turbans, swim caps, sleep caps, soft hats, fringes and wig accessories. Many items also available in petite size.


An online shop for headwear such as scarves, wraps and beanies for people going through cancer treatment.


An online shop of false eyelashes created for people going through cancer treatment.

Chemo Hair Loss Coach

An online supplier of hair loss products such as headwear and fringes specifically for people with cancer-related hair loss and new growth. You can also order free resources such as hair loss dollies for children. 

Chemo Headwear

Handmade headscarves, hats and turbans in cottons, silks, bamboo and cashmere fabrics.

To claim a 10% discount, enter the coupon code ‘breastcancernow’ at checkout. Alternatively, mention Breast Cancer Now when ordering by telephone.


An online shop offering a large range of wigs and hair pieces such as wraps, headbands, fringes. They also sell scarves, hats, and offer support on wig care.

Hats 4 Heads

A range of hats, wigs, fringes and headwear designed especially for people who have lost their hair through illness.

Suburban Turban

An online shop offering contemporary, specially designed headwear for people experiencing hair loss.

2. Wig suppliers

Direct wigs

An online supplier of a large range of wigs, hairpieces and toppers.

More Hair Now (Browns)

An NHS supplier of wigs based in 50 locations across the UK. They also offer private wigs and hairpieces.


An online shop offering a range of wigs and wig accessories for a range of hair types.

Simply Wigs

An online wig supplier. They also offer a wide range of hair pieces, headwear and stick-on eyebrows, including human hair eyebrows.

To All My Black Girls

A website offering wigs and accessories for African and Caribbean hair.


Wig suppliers with mail-order service and salons in Edinburgh, Hove, London and Manchester.

Wig Bank

Buy or hire second-hand wigs that have been washed, conditioned and disinfected. Based at a network of locations around the UK, full details are available on their website.


An online shop offering wigs and accessories for a range of hair types.


Specialists with a range of wigs and accessories available by online or appointment. They are based in Cambridgeshire.

3. Hair replacement systems

Jennifer Effie’s Hair Solutions

Offers bespoke wigs and hair replacement systems for people experiencing hair loss because of chemotherapy. Based in London.

Lucinda Ellery

A company offering solutions for managing hair loss and thinning. They specialise in permanent hair loss solutions and hair loss caused by cancer treatment.

4. Hair loss support

Look Good Feel Better

Offers professionally run skincare and makeup workshops in hospitals and cancer support centres around the country for women living with cancer. Their website and workshops include practical tips for women who have lost their eyelashes and eyebrows. You can also order a ‘Confidence Kit’ from their online shop, which includes a DVD and booklet full of tips.

Cancer Hair Care

A website for people who are experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy. It has detailed information on scalp and hair care, wigs and headwear, and hair regrowth, and includes video case studies and tutorials.


HeadWrappers is a hair loss advisory service, focusing on alternatives to wigs and practical tips. They also have a directory of headwear suppliers.

My New Hair

Lists a national network of independent salons and professionals who offer a wig styling service for people suffering from cancer and medical hair loss.

Alopecia UK

A charity supporting people with all types of alopecia in the UK, offering information, advice and support to people of all ages. They have an online meeting space called Alopecia Café, and a Facebook group for men.