When you ring our free Helpline or email in a question through the Ask Our Nurses service, it's likely to be a member of our Clinical team who responds. They work alongside our sessional team made up of experienced nurses and trained staff.

All our nurses have specialist knowledge of breast cancer and breast health. As well as the Helpline and Ask Our Nurses services, they are responsible for the clinical accuracy of all our print and online information. They are always on hand to provide press statements and interviews in response to breaking news and policy events, and offer clinical support across all our departments.

Rachel Rawson, Associate Director Nursing

image of Rachel Rawson

Rachel helps to manage and develop the team and contributes to our services. She is particularly interested in body image, sex and intimacy and broadcasting information and support through Facebook Live and Instagram.






Carolyn Rogers, Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist

image of Carolyn RogersCarolyn helps to manage and develop the team and contributes to our services. She is particularly interested in the effect treatment can have on fertility, the management of menopausal symptoms and fear of recurrence.






Jane Murphy, Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist, Helpline and AON

Jane manages the Helpline and Ask Our Nurses enquiry service. Jane has worked in cancer care for over 25 years and has more than 15 years’ experience of working on a helpline.




Grete Brauten-Smith, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Younger Women with Breast Cancer

Grete is our lead on younger women diagnosed with breast cancer. She advises on issues affecting this patient group and is involved in the development and delivery of our Younger Women Together service.

Grete feels strongly about younger women with breast cancer getting all the information they need about fertility preservation before starting treatment. She also feels passionate about supporting younger women in talking with their children about their diagnosis.



Catherine Priestley, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Secondary Breast Cancer

Catherine’s role is dedicated to secondary breast cancer. She works with teams across the organisation on issues affecting people with secondary breast cancer and is also involved in our Living with Secondary Breast Cancer services.

She works closely with our policy and campaigns, press and services teams in an advocate role ensuring the voice of this patient group is heard. She also co-ordinates our Secondary Breast Cancer Nursing Group, made up of nurses working with secondary breast cancer patients.


Louise Grimsdell, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Family History

Louise leads on family history and primary breast cancer. She supports teams across the charity on family history risk and people who have inherited an altered gene. She also has a special interest in breast reconstruction and body image.




Addie Mitchell, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Breast Awareness and Breast Screening

image of Addie Mitchell

Addie leads on breast awareness and screening, supporting all departments on this topic. She also has a special interest in managing lymphoedema as a result of breast cancer treatment.