Unfortunately, our face to face services are still suspended due to official guidance in place with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic. We continue to review our approach to when we will be able to reintroduce our Moving Forward courses, taking into account the different and changing approaches to restrictions across the UK.

You are still able to access support via the Moving Forward Online course.

The Helpline, Ask Our Nurses, Someone Like Me and online Forum support services are all still running as usual. If you have any questions please email NRC@breastcancernow.org.


Struggling to get back to ‘normal’ after treatment for breast cancer? Adapting to life after treatment can often be difficult and you might need some support in adjusting.

Whether you are experiencing side effects of treatment, wondering how to adopt a healthier lifestyle or finding it hard to make sense of your breast cancer experience, our award-winning Moving Forward courses are here for you. 

Run in partnership with NHS hospitals, the course usually takes place over half a day for three or four weeks. Delivered by a range of expert speakers, it aims to provide information, support and professional guidance on how to cope with and adjust to life after breast cancer treatment. Topics covered may include: healthy eating, exercise, managing menopausal symptoms, lymphoedema, cancer fatigue, and intimacy and relationships.

The course is open to people who have had a primary breast cancer diagnosis and have finished their hospital-based treatment. We ask that you are free to attend every week of the course. 

I found the course very informative and reassuring. It helped to know how others deal with similar problems. Thank you to Breast Cancer Now and all the people who have helped us on the course.

To see if this course is right for you, please contact us on 0345 077 1893, click on the event listings below or register for our online course.

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