Talk to someone who’s been affected by breast cancer, whether you have been diagnosed or are supporting a friend or family member.

They can offer support, tips or just a listening ear during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Finding someone to speak to

The Someone Like Me service can put you in touch with a volunteer who has been trained to help, whether you’d like to speak to someone who has personal experience of the challenges you are facing or someone who can simply offer a listening ear during the coronavirus outbreak.

Our volunteers are able to:

  • listen without judgment
  • offer emotional support and practical tips
  • share their own experiences where relevant
  • support you if you need to make informed decisions
  • be there for you if you just need someone to talk to

Whatever you are concerned about, whether it's the shock of a diagnosis, making decisions about treatment or how to adjust to life afterwards, or that you are feeling isolated, support is just a phone call or email away. 


I feel so much more positive and less afraid. I know that there is always someone there to talk who isn't as connected to me so I don’t feel I have to hold back. She cheered me and calmed me each time we spoke. I will never forget her or her help.

Jan, Leeds