In 2020 I was diagnosed I was diagnosed with stage 2 triple positive breast cancer aged 26, with no family history of the disease and no genetic mutations - it’s safe to say it came as quite the shock! It was especially hard being diagnosed at that age because I really did feel so alone and like no one else was going through the same thing.

I had 7 rounds of intensive chemotherapy, followed by a mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy with immediate implant reconstruction. I then had 14 rounds of Kadcyla as maintenance chemo, and now I take Letrozole tablets daily and Zoladex every 4 weeks for the foreseeable future. 

 As I’m going through a medically induced menopause, I’m learning to adapt to a whole new world of side effects like achy joints, hot flushes, and severe mood swings!

 Although being diagnosed with breast cancer at such a young age, without any reason as to why - purely just rubbish luck! - was the most difficult thing I’ve ever been through, I have overcome so much since and my positive attitude and lust for life have really pushed me through some of the darkest days.

 Outside of breast cancer, I love to travel the world, spend time with my friends (or my pets), and go boxing to punch out the frustrations!

 Volunteering with Breast Cancer Now has been a blessing - I absolutely love to chat with others and help anyone going through something similar, as I wish I’d made use of the service when I was first diagnosed when I really needed it most.

 If I can help you in any way, please email me at