Our online video programme provides specialist information, and an opportunity to share experiences with other people dealing with the uncertainty and challenges secondary breast cancer brings. The programme is available all day, every day. 


What to expect from the online video programme 

We have a range of video presentations by expert speakers, on topics which are relevant to secondary breast cancer. You can watch the videos in any order, at any time. Topics include managing the side effects of treatment, looking after your emotional wellbeing, activity and exercise, relaxation and mindfulness. 

Some of the topics we recover include:

  • An introduction to secondary breast cancer 
  • Side effects of treatment 
  • Hair and scalp care 
  • Emotional and psychological wellbeing 
  • Fatigue and secondary breast cancer 
  • Activity and exercise 

Want more information about the online video programme? Read our frequently asked questions.


Sarah, Video programme attendee
The online programme works best for me, especially as I don’t have to travel! You can pick and mix as you like, which means you don’t feel committed to a certain length of time or number of sessions. It’s all set out in advance as well, so you can see what’s coming up.

Sarah, Video programme attendee

Where do I start?

Once you've signed up for the programme and received your log in, you'll have a whole host of videos about living with secondary breast cancer at your fingertips. The great thing about the video programme is you can start anywhere, at any time, and go at your own pace. There are no weekly sessions you feel like you can't miss, or catching up on homework, you can navigate your own way through the videos whenever you need them, getting the support and information you need when you need it.

More information

Still unsure? You can check out the video for more information, or have a look at the frequently asked questions. Or you can contact us at secondaryservice@breastcancernow.org or 0345 077 1893. We're always here to help. 

More support for you

Online groups and speakers live sessions

Online sessions include online groups, facilitated by trained counsellors, and speakers live sessions.

Face-to-face groups

Our monthly groups across the UK are a chance to meet with others living with secondary breast cancer in your local area, facilitated by trained counsellors 

Are you 45 or under?

If you’re a younger woman with secondary breast cancer, we’re here for you. Younger Women with Secondaries Together online connects you with other women under 45 with secondary breast cancer. Giving you the chance to talk about what’s on your mind in a safe, welcoming space.

Sign up today

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