We asked one of our long standing campaigners, Amanda Jones, to share some of her top tips and ideas to help boost your campaign.

Friday 22 July 2016      Policy and campaigns blog
5 top tips to help you campaign

We know that Breast Cancer Now campaigners are some of the best around. Over the years they’ve had some huge wins, making a massive difference to people affected by breast cancer across the United Kingdom. They’ve fought to secure access to drugs like Herceptin and Kadcyla, they’ve helped to improve breast cancer services and they’ve made sure thousands of women are breast aware.

With that in mind, we thought it would be good to ask one of our most experienced campaigners, Amanda Jones, to share some of her top campaigning ideas and tips. We couldn’t fit them all in one blog, so here’s Amanda’s top five - whether you're new to campaigning or a seasoned veteran, we’re sure you’ll find them lots of help.

5 tips for campaigning

1. Develop a personal, strong relationship with your MP. They can be a huge help to your campaigning work, so get them on board!

“First of all, make an appointment to see them in their local surgery. Always take a hard copy of all the points you want to cover and any actions you want them to take so that the researchers and the MP have this to take away with them and with which they can act.”

2. Work with your local paper. A great way to publicise your campaign.

“Research the local paper which has the widest circulation in your area and identify the Editor or the health correspondent, if there is one. Note the relevant addresses and phone numbers. Make sure you give ample time to the paper if you want a journalist to attend an event. If you want coverage of an important development in your campaign, then make sure you speak personally with the Editor or relevant journalist.”

3. Work with your local radio station. Another good way to spread the word about the issues you are campaigning on.

“There is nothing like having a really personal relationship with your local radio - the producers and presenters - because they are truly LOCAL and they are passionate about informing their listeners about events/news in the area which can be of help to them in learning more about breast cancer and in raising awareness and talking about TLC, for example.”

4. Combine fundraising and campaigning. They’re not mutually exclusive, use opportunities when they arise.

“As I always bang on about (!), if you do any fundraising event, you have a ready-made campaigning event, too. I believe that the one goes with the other and the campaigning/educational effect of successful, enjoyable fundraising should never be underestimated.”

5. Work with your GP surgery. This can be a great way to share health information or find out about local services.

“Develop a good relationship with your own GP surgery in your capacity as a campaigner. You can then keep the surgery supplied with all the latest information materials from Breast Cancer Now for display in the waiting room. I have met with all the GPs in my surgery to speak to them about BCN and our campaigning, with reference to their work, too.”

More information

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