Breast screening saves women’s lives from breast cancer. But NHS targets for how many people should be screened have been missed for the fourth year in a row.

That’s why, we’re calling on the government and the NHS England to run a national breast screening awareness campaign, encouraging everyone who is invited to attend their appointment.

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Help save more lives from breast cancer

Targets being missed means thousands fewer cases of breast cancer being found each year. If we want to save more lives from breast cancer, that has to change.

A national awareness campaign would help more people understand the importance of breast screening and bust some of the myths that put people off attending.

Back our call and tell the government and NHS England to run a breast screening awareness campaign.

Your support could help get more women screened. That means more lives saved from breast cancer.

The main barriers for screening are a lack of knowledge. People don’t understand the risks and why they need to be screened, so they’re reluctant to attend their appointments. That’s why this campaign is so important.