This is a puzzle that our researchers urgently need your support to solve. Together, we could help save more lives. The more pieces we put in place, the more potential there is to help thousands of women at risk.

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Researcher looking in a microscope

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Once breast cancer spreads, it cannot be cured. Much more research is needed. We’re working to piece together how breast cancer spreads so that one day, we can develop new treatments.  

Judy and her partner
This time last year, Judy was going through treatment for ER negative breast cancer. “I’d found a tiny little lump, like a pea, I was in shock when I got my diagnosis. I’d always been well and healthy – never even been sick off work. I was lucky the cancer hadn’t spread. And also that past research helped my doctors know how to treat it.”
Amy Llewellyn

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Right now, researchers like Dr Amy Llewellyn are trying to find out more about how breast cancer spreads. It currently affects 11,000 women every year in the UK and with your help they can find solutions quicker, prevent it from spreading and save more lives. 

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