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Secondary breast cancer standards of care

We have developed the following standards of care for people with secondary breast cancer. We actively campaign to ensure that anyone living with secondary breast cancer should be able to expect the following:

Information and support

  1. High-quality information and support from a clinical nurse specialist, who’s skilled and knowledgeable in treatment and care of people with
  2. A clinical nurse specialist who will act as a point of contact, be an advocate, help coordinate treatment and care planning, and refer to relevant support services
  3. A comprehensive assessment of emotional, physical and information needs, especially when first diagnosed, if the cancer progresses and if treatment changes
  4. To be made aware of and referred to supportive, health and wellbeing services
  5. To be referred to specialist services for expert financial and employment advice

Treatment and care

  1. To be given a clear and personalised plan of all aspects of their treatment (including new and innovative approaches) and care
  2. To have their treatment and care reviewed, when necessary, by an experienced team of healthcare professionals – for example with a holistic needs assessment (HNA)
  3. Good communication between all members of the hospital and other healthcare teams, including their GP
  4. To have information about and access to appropriate

Palliative and supportive care

  1. To be given information on the benefits of local and supportive care services
  2. Support and guidance on talking to those closest to them about the impact of living with secondary breast cancer
  3. Advice and support on planning end-of-life care

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Quality assurance

Last reviewed in August 2022. The next planned review begins in August 2024.

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Support services

Living with Secondary Breast Cancer

You can count on Living with Secondary Breast Cancer to be there for you, no matter what.

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Support services

Younger Women with Secondaries Together

If you're a younger woman with secondary breast cancer, we're here for you. Meet other women who understand and get tailored support.

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