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Louise looking at her Gallery of Hope image with her partner

Making the Gallery of Hope

This exhibition was created in collaboration with 10 people living with incurable secondary breast cancer, to share their unique perspectives. Combining photography and AI to bring to life the moments they hope to see, with the extra time they hope to have.

Gallery of Hope – a documentary

The future portraits featured in this exhibition were created by renowned photographer Jillian Edelstein, working in collaboration with Untold Studios. Jillian, who has previously been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and The Photographers’ Gallery, used the latest AI technology to visualise each future scene and capture it as if she was really there in that moment.

But above all this project was only possible thanks to our incredible participants who were willing to share their stories and hopes for the future with us all. Collectively, they’ve given us a true insight into the value of research into secondary breast cancer.

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