With your support, we're finding ways to prevent breast cancer, detect it earlier, treat it more effectively and stop it taking lives.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. 1 in 8 women will face it in their lifetime.

Thanks to supporters like you, who've made incredible research breakthroughs possible, survival rates for breast cancer have increased dramatically. More than 80% of women who develop breast cancer will now live beyond five years. 40 years ago, it was only around half.

But that doesn't mean we've got breast cancer under control yet. This year, more than 50,000 women will be told they have the disease. And every 45 minutes, a woman loses her life to it.

Your donation in action

With your support, we're finding ways to prevent breast cancer, detect it earlier, treat it more effectively and stop it taking lives.

The money you donate helps support nearly 400 researchers across the UK and Ireland, all working towards one clear goal.

£1,000 can create treatments with fewer side effects. Your donation could supply the equipment that is essential for identifying specific proteins in a cell. This is necessary for finding out which proteins drive the growth of breast cancer, so that new, more targeted treatments can be developed, with less devastating side effects for patients. 

£500 can show the human side of breast cancer policy. Your donation could pay for us to share the stories of people affected by breast cancer, to those who make the big decisions about breast cancer treatments and care for women with this devastating disease. This includes getting all those affected together in one room to talk about their experience, and to shape our policy work to improve the lives of breast cancer patients now and in the future.

£200 can help us to develop better treatments for patients in the future. With your donation we can pay for enough of the drug tamoxifen to power hundreds of experiments. This is important, as only by testing breast cancer cells with existing drugs can we find out how cancer becomes resistant to them, and create better, more effective treatments in the future. 

£100 can improve breast cancer services. Everybody who develops breast cancer deserves the best standard of care. Our expert ‘Patient Advocates’ support breast cancer services by offering an objective patient perspective, and giving local patients a voice; enabling services to improve how they care for people with breast cancer.

£50 can spread the word about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. With your donation we can send out another 500 leaflets to doctor’s surgeries in the UK to promote breast checking, and inform about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. That means more women might check their breasts when they wouldn’t have before, and know what to look out for. Amazing!

£10 can provide essential lab equipment. There are loads of lab essentials that your donation could provide for our researchers. This could be anything from tubes for freezing cells for future experiments, to bags of test tubes and flasks for growing the cancer cells that our scientists will experiment on. No matter what your donation provides, it could help them make life-saving research happen.

£5 can buy basic supplies for our researchers. There are loads of bits and pieces of equipment that every researcher needs when trying to save lives from breast cancer. From teeny tiny test tubes for detailed experiments, to microscope slides to get a closer look at what’s causing breast cancer, £5 could help kit out the labs to make life-saving research happen. 

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If we all act now, by 2050, we believe everyone who develops the disease will live.

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