PUBLISHED ON: 1 May 2019

These #BosomBuddies have been there for each other every step of the way from diagnosis, through treatments and beyond. And they’re here today to share their stories of friendship and solidarity, and remind us of the importance of funding vital research into this devastating disease. 

Mary and her two daughters

As part of this year’s #BosomBuddies themed campaign, we’re sharing the stories of 13 incredible women. We’d like to introduce Natalie and Sue, Chantele and Lily, Rachel and Lesley, Mary, Ellie and Lauren, Jan and Val, Clover and Sue.

Below we highlight three of these's women's inspirational stories. They’ll be sharing the different ways breast cancer has affected and impacted them, and why their relationship with their Bosom Buddy is so important. 

Why is the campaign important? 

Breast cancer remains the UK’s most common cancer, with around 55,000 women and 350 men diagnosed with the disease each year. While more people are surviving the disease than ever before, nearly 11,500 women and 80 men still lose their lives to it each year in the UK.

Here's how each of these #BosomBuddies dealt with their own diagnoses.

Mary discusses how her twin daughters, Ellie and Lauren, were ready to support her from the start:


The girls could sense that something was up. Looking back, I have regrets that I didn’t tell them straight away, but it was too raw – I couldn’t bring myself to tell them. However, children are perceptive and the twins could sense changes in the family unit. I was a bit naïve at the time, thinking I could keep it from them, but I just wanted to protect them.

I always encourage my girls to check their breasts regularly. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate; it’s not just about older ladies, as younger women can develop the disease too. It’s important that Ellie and Lauren understand this and check - early detection is key.

For Natalie, her mother Sue’s love and support was the main thing that got her through her breast cancer treatment:

Sue and Natalie

No matter how old you are, you always need your mum. She was always there for a chat or a cuddle – and I could count on her for a laugh, because if I didn’t laugh, I’d probably cry. She was and will always be a big part of my life, no matter how old I get. 

Clover shares how her Bosom Buddy, Sue, was her main source of support:

Clover and Sue

On a practical level, Sue was able to just be present without being obtrusive whilst my treatments were going on. When I was at appointments, feeling overwhelmed, she was a second set of ears in the room, listening. It’s things like that that are so invaluable at the time.

How you can offer your support

To raise money for Breast Cancer Now and help #BosomBuddies like these wonderful people, we've teamed up with the biggest names in British fashion to bring you clothing with the power to save lives. By shopping the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer collection, you can dress in solidarity and help us make life-saving research happen.


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