Before Annabel was diagnosed, she felt that her main concern in life was to find a boyfriend. She tells us how breast cancer changed her perspective on things, but also how it affected her dating life.

In that moment you're told you have cancer, everything just falls away

In 2002, Annabel had a busy lifestyle. She was working 60 hours a week as an architect, going to the gym often, and socialising with friends. At the time, she had been hoping to find a boyfriend - but her breast cancer diagnosis interrupted her plans.

While her friends carried on with their lives, Annabel felt held back. Cancer had interfered with her plans to find a boyfriend, and she worried that she might be seen as 'damaged goods' because of what she'd been through. 

Tune in to hear Annabel speak about how her illness prompted her to make some big life changes, how she navigated dating and telling people about her diagnosis, and how she later found out she had a higher genetic risk of breast cancer.

All my friends were getting on with their work, getting on with planning their weddings. Some of them were having their first babies. I just lived in this very different world for a while.

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