When Nina was treated for triple negative breast cancer, she experienced side effects that completely changed how she looked and felt. 

For the first time in my life, I could not hold back my tears

Nina was only 36 when she began experiencing some issues with her health. For months, she was dismissed by doctors - only to eventually be diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. 

Throughout treatment, Nina experienced hair loss, weight changes, skin discolouration and nail damage. This impacted not only her, but also her young daughter. She tried her best to make herself feel comfortable in her appearance, but struggled to find wigs that suited her complexion and natural hair type.

Now, a few years on from finishing treatment, Nina is part of our Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign. She speaks about how she has been working through her anxiety surrounding the changes in her appearance, as well as how she wants to inspire others to find their strength after going through similar trauma.

I had to force myself to look in the mirror, put my makeup on, and make myself feel good. And it worked. The makeup, the wig - it all worked. But eventually you have to take it off.


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