PUBLISHED ON: 12 December 2019

When Sonia was diagnosed with breast cancer, she found out she had the BRCA2 gene. She talks to us about worries about her fertility and finding a community online. 

The importance of support and community

This week, we’re talking to Sonia, who was diagnosed with  breast cancer at the age of 27.

When she was 14, Sonia lost her mother to breast cancer after six years of treatment. Because of this, having to receive the news that she also had the condition – and the BRCA2 gene mutation which causes it – was incredibly difficult.

In order to decrease the chances of her cancer returning, she opted to have a bilateral mastectomy and underwent chemotherapy straight away, meaning she didn’t really have time to consider how her life would be impacted. Tune in to hear how Sonia’s experiences with her family, her blog, and social media have helped along her journey.

I was in hospital for six weeks, and I honestly believed that I wouldn’t make it out. So I started thinking about all the things I hadn’t done.

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