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Showing men can get breast cancer too, Jim signed up to our fabulous catwalk, The Show

Jim wants to get men talking about breast cancer and show men can get it too. He’s excited for an uplifting experience, donning adventurous clothing. Jim's one of 24 models selected for The Show: an inspiring catwalk showing breast cancer can affect anyone. Read his story and find out how to watch The Show. 

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How did you find out you had breast cancer? 

I saw an advert getting everyone to check for breast lumps, not just women. I did just that and felt a small, hidden, pea-size lump in the middle of my chest, but the doctor said it was just a cyst. 

When I lost weight, it became more of a red-looking, round one. I went back to the doctor who removed it, sent it for a biopsy, and gave me the news I had male variant breast cancer. I honestly didn’t know what to think... A week later, I had a mammogram and needed a mastectomy (breast removal surgery), among other things. 

Did you feel supported at this time? 

The ward was amazing, but I never got to talk with any men going through it. It made me feel really lonely. 

Jim is similing

Did you know men could get breast cancer? 

I didn't think men got breast cancer and certainly not in the middle of their chests - I'd been told its usually near the nipple.

If you get a cyst on your chest, get it checked. It could be something else and you'd only know after a biopsy. It's more common than you think. 

Why did you sign up to The Show? 

A friend in last year’s show said I should apply; she had a wonderful experience and looked fabulous on the runway. Anyway, I applied, but in my heart of hearts, I thought there was no way I'd be picked.  

I mainly signed up to show that men can get breast cancer too, and raise awareness. I want to encourage them to keep an eye out for symptoms and reach out if they need support. I’d also like to encourage them to apply for the next show if they’ve been through something similar.  

Why do you think men need to be made more aware about breast cancer? 

I think most don’t know they could get breast cancer, and I was the same.

And men can tend to find these sorts of things embarrassing, so tend to not talk about it. We can also be procrastinators, ignoring issues we spot. So, I think we need to get men talking about it, checking for signs and doing something about any worries they have. 

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