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Walking saved me after I lost my mum

When Sacha lost her mum to breast cancer in 2019, she wanted to do something in her memory.

When Sacha lost her mum to breast cancer in 2019, she wanted to do something in her memory. So, she decided to trek to Everest base camp with Team Now. 

I’ve always enjoyed a challenge 

I’ve always been a fairly active person. I like going to the gym, I’ve always loved walking, and I've always enjoyed a challenge – whatever it may be. 

Eight years ago, after I lost my dad, I climbed Kilimanjaro; and I raised money for him while doing it. When I booked my trip to Everest base camp, it was meant to be for him. But then my mum was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, so I decided to do it for her.  

She passed away two weeks before I was originally meant to go.  

Walking saved me 

I wouldn’t say that I'm a mountaineer or a huge trekker but walking after I lost my mum kind of saved me. It was the only thing that gave me any peace and comfort and relief from the grief - and I love it now.  

I think the feeling of moving forward - of putting one foot in front of the other - just that process of making progress all the time when you feel like your world has stopped is very powerful. And breathing the air in a world that felt very claustrophobic, that felt huge.  

It just gave me some peace.  

It strengthened my friendships 

Every single weekend for about six months I went walking with a different person or a different group of people, and they’re all still walking with me now even though it’s over.  

I would spend four to five hours at a time with them, and we would end up having conversations about things that you wouldn’t normally have - because you wouldn’t normally spend quite that much time with somebody.  

Our friendships have grown and become incredibly strong as a result of it. 

I want to keep making mum proud 

My biggest achievement through this whole process was stepping foot at Everest basecamp and holding up my sign for my mum. She knew I was going to do it, but unfortunately was no longer around to hear that I'd made it.  

I know she would be so proud of everything I've achieved, and I want to keep making her proud and doing great things in her memory. 

If somebody wanted to support Breast Cancer Now, or join Team Now, I would say do it. Especially if you or someone you love has been affected by breast cancer. It's a phenomenal charity and an amazing cause, and Team Now will support you all along the way.  


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