At Cath Kidston, we consider ourselves lucky to know so many women and to be surrounded by so many women. We’re a brand built on the special blend of tenacity and the unwavering strength of the female spirit - our teams, our customers and, by extension, their families.

Cath Kidston's design team smiling together - Georgia Tee, Holly Marler, Peace Rodliff, and Lucy Willis

That means we also know breast cancer is something that affects many lives, either directly or through those we love. That's why we've teamed up with Breast Cancer Now - a charity steered by world-class research and powered by life-changing care - to help deliver a more hopeful future.

Our Social Media Manager, Lucy, has been personally affected by cancer and here she tells us her story and why she thinks our partnership with Breast Cancer Now’s Afternoon Tea campaign is so important.

What does this partnership mean to you?

This is incredibly important to me personally. In 2015 my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. So, it’s a cause that is very close to my heart and being able to support it at Cath Kidston, where I work, is just wonderful.

Why is it so important to support Breast Cancer Now?

Not only do Breast Cancer Now provide amazing support for anyone affected by breast cancer but they are also doing pioneering research into breast cancer and campaigning for the best care and services. With breast cancer affecting so many, it’s vital we show our support every way we can.

Why are Cath Kidston proud to be partnered with Breast Cancer Now?

We, at Cath Kidston, are very proud to be partnered with Breast Cancer Now, as it’s such an important cause. Breast cancer will directly affect 1 in 7 women in the UK in their lifetime, and the charity do so much to help create a more hopeful future for anyone affected by breast cancer.

How would your colleagues describe you?

Hopefully, kind, helpful and fun to be around! But I’ll let some of my colleagues chime in instead! My colleague, Neil, has added that I’m also very creative, friendly and fantastic at creating content out of nothing!

How can people help support Breast Cancer Now via Cath Kidston?

The best way would be to sign up to hold your very own Afternoon Tea or buy a Cath Kidston mug in August, as we’re donating 10% of all mug sales to Breast Cancer Now. And you can also get involved on social using #CathKidstonXBreastCancerNow to share your Afternoon Tea posts.

Why is Breast Cancer Now's work important to you?

Having seen my mum go through breast cancer and now, bowel cancer, you want to help in every way you can, not only to support my own family directly but to help everyone else who is affected by Breast Cancer. The research and support Breast Cancer Now provides really is life-changing for so many.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about having an Afternoon Tea for Breast Cancer Now?

What are you waiting for? Who doesn’t love an excuse to throw a party, and this is the greatest excuse there is, helping others!

What makes a successful Afternoon Tea?

Food and good friends! If you have a guest list of your nearest and dearest, along with all the best afternoon tea snacks, it’s a recipe for success. Make sure you have beverage options for your guests. While I’m a Yorkshire tea girl myself, I’ll make sure there are lots of other refreshments on offer along with the all-important scones, cream and jam (no arguments over which to put on first please!).

Do you have any top tips for ensuring the day goes smoothly?

Prepare as much as you can in advance, string up some bunting (lovingly designed here at Cath Kidston) and set the table the day before. Then all you have to do is make some sandwiches and pop the kettle on before your guests arrive.

What are your favourite Afternoon Tea snacks?

Top of my list are scones with cream and jam, and some finger sandwiches, but it’s also nice to mix it up, so I’m also planning a platter of Eton mess served in Cath Kidston mugs!

Do you have jam or cream first on a scone?

I personally have cream first, purely because I find it easier to spread.


Have an Afternoon Tea for people affected by breast cancer and raise money for world-class research and vital support. Sign up to get your fundraising kit now -

If you'd like to support Breast Cancer Now and get yourself a brand new mug while you're at it, take a look at Cath Kidston's latest range.

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