Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer treatments.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Gaby, a woman with short black hair, brown eyes and glasses

When Gaby was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, she found comfort in Breast Cancer Now’s Forum. Even now, several years on, she still uses it to connect with others. 

4 March 2022 Personal story

Fiona, a white woman with cropped grey hair styled into a quiff. She smiles while wearing red lipstick.

Fiona was already seeking help for her mental health when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but found the support for this was sidelined when she began treatment.

2 March 2022 Breast Cancer Now

The government is planning to launch a new 10-year cancer plan, which will determine the long term approach to cancer services in England. To help shape their new vision, the Department of Health and Social Care is asking people affected by cancer to share their views by completing a survey.  

1 March 2022

Bex and her friend Sarah wearing sparkly pink dresses and smiling together at their 'boob ball'

Bex found it difficult to get through treatment alone due to COVID-19 restrictions, and struggled even more when that treatment ended. To get her back on track, she planned a party with a friend she made during chemotherapy. 

23 February 2022 Personal story

A woman prepares to have radiotherapy. She is laying down in a hospital gown with a female radiotherapist either side of her.

Breast Cancer Now Voices is helping researchers at University College London Hospitals to understand how receiving permanent tattoos to mark the area for radiotherapy treatment affect women.

22 February 2022 Breast Cancer Now

Joanne, a white woman with very short red hair, smiles widely. This photo was taken on the day of her mastectomy surgery.

Joanne is currently in treatment after receiving a second breast cancer diagnosis. She reflects on the resources she found helpful after her first diagnosis, especially those she used after her treatment finished. 

22 February 2022 Personal story

Lynsey, a young white woman, wears a cold cap and sits in a chemotherapy chair

When Lynsey found a lump on her breast in January 2021, she thought it was just a cyst. Thankfully, she still went to the GP – but her treatment wasn’t as straightforward as she’d hoped. 

18 February 2022 Personal story

Angela smiling by the coast

During her recovery from breast cancer treatment, Angela decided to write Rebel Boob, a show about the real-life experiences of women with breast cancer. 

18 February 2022 Personal story

Jane, a white woman with bobbed brown hair, smiles while wearing a smart black jacket and shiny top

Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer after months of going back and forth for tests. She reflects on which parts of treatment she expected - and the parts she didn't.

17 February 2022 Breast Cancer Now