Breast Cancer Now representatives meet with Matt Hancock

Last year, we launched a campaign demanding change for people affected by secondary breast cancer. We look at some of the results of the campaign so far. 

12 February 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Sara Liyanage

This World Cancer Day, Sara is helping to spread the message that you’re not alone after a diagnosis, and that there’s support out there for everyone affected by cancer.

4 February 2020 Personal story

scottish parliament

Last week, we took our secondary breast cancer campaign to the top as we met the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Health, Jeane Freeman.

13 December 2019 Breast Cancer Now

Two volunteers raising money for breast cancer now

Breast Cancer Now has a number of ways that you can support our cause. Here are 10 things you can do this Giving Tuesday. 

2 December 2019 Breast Cancer Now

Women with secondary breast cancer attending our campaign workshop

Laura Ashurst was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer 11 years ago. She tells us why she joined our Secondary Breast Cancer Campaign Group.

13 May 2019 Personal story

As part of this year’s #BosomBuddies themed campaign, we’re sharing the stories of 13 incredible women.

1 May 2019 Breast Cancer Now

One of the most effective ways of raising breast cancer awareness is by speaking to those in power, which is why Alison went to meet Annie Wells, MSP for Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

17 April 2019 Breast Cancer Now

When Holly Macbeth's mum was diagnosed with cancer back in 1988, she had no idea what the future held for her. 

28 March 2019 Personal story

Find out about the Cancer Patient Survey

Following the government decision on the National Cancer Patient Survey, we explain why it matters to cancer patients.

21 January 2019 Breast Cancer Now