Supporting someone with secondary breast cancer

Kate, who has incurable, secondary breast cancer, and her friend David tell us how their friendship helps them through difficult times.

16 October 2017 Personal story

Breast Cancer Care's CEO Samia al Qadhi

Chief Executive Samia al Qadhi shares her story of the pink ribbon and explains how your stories can help us celebrate this powerful symbol.

30 May 2017 Breast Cancer Now

Two patients talking

NICE produces a range of guidance & advice to improve standards of health & social care. 

2 February 2017 Breast Cancer Now

A banner with numbers and the words 'Who's counting?'

Our campaign for data on secondary breast cancer to be routinely collected by hospitals made great progress, but there’s still much to do. 

30 January 2017 Breast Cancer Now

Jeremy Hunt at the Conservative party conference with Breast Cancer Care

With your support we've inspired MPs to take action on our 'Secondary. Not second rate.' campaign for secondary breast cancer. Here's what we've achieved so far.

14 December 2016 Breast Cancer Now

Drug bottle illustration

A new model of the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) is launched today. We give an overview of the new CDF, what it could mean for you, and what Breast Cancer Care is doing to ensure that the new model works for people with breast cancer.

29 July 2016 Breast Cancer Now

An image of Breast Cancer Care volunteer campaigners

As a volunteer campaigner, Pat plays a vital role in supporting our campaigning work to improve services for people affected by breast cancer. 

3 June 2016 Personal story

Bite-sized microaction

Today is Microvolunteering Day when you can take a bite-sized action to support Breast Cancer Care. 

14 April 2016 Breast Cancer Now

Danni Manzi

Danni from our Policy and Campaigns team talks about our ongoing secondary breast cancer campaign and the importance of data collection.

10 March 2016 Breast Cancer Now