Anna, a researcher, in her lab

We hear from Dr Anna Git, a Breast Cancer Now scientist based at the University of Cambridge. She shares how her research has been put on hold after her lab closed due to COVID-19.

20 July 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Dr Natasha Malik

We speak to Dr Natasha Malik is a Breast Cancer Now researcher at the University of Glasgow who volunteered to join a coronavirus testing lab when her work was paused by the pandemic. 

7 July 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Dr Michael Jones

While a lot of lab-based research is currently on hold due to COVID-19, the Breast Cancer Now Generations Study continues. 

25 June 2020 Breast Cancer Now

three women smiling

A study has found that adding two hormone measurements to a breast cancer risk prediction tool can increase its accuracy for women aged 35-50.

17 June 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Niamh Buckley

We hear from Dr Niamh Buckley, a Breast Cancer Now Fellow based at Queen’s University Belfast. She shares how she has been working from home after her lab closed due to COVID-19.

11 June 2020 Personal story

Photograph of test tubes

Researchers help clinicians select the best possible treatment for women with oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

8 June 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Scientists at work in research labs

Dr Simon Vincent, Director of Research at Breast Cancer Now, shares how COVID-19 has affected Breast Cancer Now’s research.

3 June 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Bathroom scales and measuring tape

New research has linked weight gain from early adulthood up to 40s or 50s to a lower risk of breast cancer before the menopause.

13 March 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Microscope and scientific equipment

In this podcast, we give you a quick insight into three of our current research projects and how they impact people affected by breast cancer.

27 February 2020 Breast Cancer Now