1 in 7 women in the UK will develop breast cancer


Your donation will help to make sure the world-class research taking place in our labs, and the life-changing care and support we provide to those who so desperately need it, continues. If we act now, we can create a future where everyone who develops breast cancer lives – and is supported to live well.

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I don't know what I would have done without Breast Cancer Now. From day one they were my support, from the Helpline through to the BECCA app. They've been my shoulder to cry on, when I didn't even realise how much I needed it.

Penny, Moving Forward attendee and BECCA user

Making life-saving research happen

We fund a third of breast cancer research in the UK


Our research projects are happening at 33 locations in 24 cities in the UK and Ireland, and four international locations in Europe.

The Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank


Our Tissue Bank provides samples of breast tissue to researchers so they have the tools to discover how real breast tumours act.

The Generations Study


This UK wide study follows more than 113,000 women, investigating the genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that may affect the risk of developing breast cancer.

Our face-to-face services

We want everyone to have the care they deserve, whether they have concerns, have just been diagnosed, or have finished treatment. Our free services offer tailored information and support to anyone affected by breast cancer.

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Moving Forward after breast cancer

Moving Forward courses

Our courses provide practical tips for dealing with side effects of treatment, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and coping with anxiety, helping people self-manage and find their 'new normal’ after breast cancer treatment.

Vicki, who has secondary breast cancer, and her daughter

Living with Secondary Breast Cancer

Our monthly sessions allow people to talk openly in a safe space with others who may share their experience, helping them come to terms with their diagnosis.

Someone Like Me

Someone Like Me service

We put people in touch with a trained volunteer who has had a similar experience, so they can discuss anything from concerns around genetic testing to having a friend or family member diagnosed.

Younger women with breast cancer

Younger Women Together

Many younger women with breast cancer may feel alone or isolated. Our events bring together women aged 30-45 who’ve had a primary diagnosis, providing information specific to their age group.

Getting patients access to the drugs they need

Our 'Keep Kadcyla' campaign for England

Over 115,000 signatures on our petition contributed to NICE approving Kadcyla for people living with secondary breast cancer, ensuring it is available on the NHS in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Unlocking Kadcyla access in Scotland

After Breast Cancer Now teamed up with four Scottish mums to launch a petition in 2017, the Scottish Medicines Consortium announced a landmark decision to make Kadcyla routinely available on Scotland’s NHS.

Our 'Perjeta Now' campaign

Following our Perjeta Now campaign the Scottish Medicines Consortium, announced its decision to approve life-extending drug Perjeta for routine use in treating secondary breast cancer on Scotland’s NHS.

Clinical specialist

Our clinical experts

Our award-winning publications and information resources are used by NHS breast care teams across the country. Written by our clinical specialists, they're reviewed by healthcare professionals and people affected by breast cancer, and produced within the Information Standard guidelines.