To bring together healthcare professionals with an interest in family history and genetics within breast cancer care.


This group is open to:

  • Nursing Network members working in breast cancer or a family history setting
  • Genetic and family history nurses

We plan to expand to include:

  • Genetic counsellors, oncologists and other medical professionals
  • Allied healthcare professionals with a special interest in breast cancer or family history

Group vision

  • To bring together health professionals with a passion for improving access and education for people with a higher risk of developing breast cancer due to their family history and genetics
  • To provide peer support
  • To share learning and best practice within this area and provide education opportunities to improve clinical practice
  • To work towards standardised care and develop shared pathways
  • To promote the provision of good quality information
  • To support and raise awareness for people navigating the family history and genetics pathway with or without a breast cancer diagnosis

How will members be updated?

  • Regular email updates
  • Twice-yearly meetings (either virtual or face-to-face) with presentations and networking time

How can I join the group?

To join the group, email nursingnetwork@breastcancernow.org