Craig Tracey MP

Craig Tracey MP

“Before becoming an MP, like many people, I was touched by the effects of breast cancer after losing a friend to the disease. Her courage and dignity inspired me to do something positive and I took to fundraising for breast bancer charities.

“On being elected to Parliament, I found that joining the APPG was an excellent way to ensure that this issue was kept right at the forefront of the Government’s thinking.”

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Vice Chairs

Bambos Charalambous Bambos Charalambous MP

"Breast cancer is an incredibly important issue to me as I recently witnessed a close family member suffer from breast cancer - just as so many others have. I could see the excellent work that breast cancer charities and my colleagues in Parliament were doing to positively influence policy-making and I wanted to make sure I played my part too."

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Philippa Whitford MP

Dr Philippa Whitford MP

Philippa graduated from Glasgow University Medical School in 1982. She did most of her training in the West of Scotland and carried out research at Glasgow University into the immune response in breast cancer patients. Philippa spent 18 months as a medical volunteer in a UN hospital in Gaza in 1991 and 1992, just after the first Gulf War and during the first Intifada, followed by a short spell in Lebanon in 1993.

During 19 years as a Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon in Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, Philippa redesigned the service and established reconstructive breast surgery. Her key national contribution was designing the Scottish audit standards for breast cancer services, helping set up regional cancer networks and organising the first annual Scottish Breast Cancer Networks Conference to encourage sharing of good practice.

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Baroness Massey of Darwen

Baroness Massey of Darwen

“I became involved in the APPG after learning from a friend how much has been done, but how much there is still to do in relation to breast cancer.

“I am also very glad that the group is undertaking an enquiry into geographical inequalities in access to care.”

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Sharon Hodgson MP

Sharon Hodgson MP

Sharon’s involvement in the APPG Breast Cancer is driven from her personal experiences of family and friends living with and fighting breast cancer and the responsibility to her constituents in Washington and Sunderland West, who have some of the highest cancer incidence rates in England.

Since Sharon was first elected, she has championed raising awareness of breast cancer in Parliament, and used her first question in the Chamber to raise awareness of breast cancer.

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Nicola Richards

Nicola Richards MP

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Tracy Crouch

Tracy Crouch MP

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Tracy Crouch

Dr Lisa Cameron MP

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